Driving Tips

This page is designed to provide you with safe driving information that is closely related to you and your family. Also, find out what to do in case of an automobile accident

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Driving in winter like the experts 

Winter is an integral part of living in Canada. Across the land, the cold season takes many faces and offers rare pleasures. But it is also immensely challenging for drivers.  An article on how to drive like an expert in winter.

How to make gasoline last longer:

  • Avoid excessive idling. Idling wastes fuel and produces more air pollution.

  • Combine short trips. The worst gasoline mileage is on trips of 10 miles or less from a cold start.

  • Keep tires inflated at the psi level indicated on your tires.

  • Keep your car properly tuned.

  • Warm up your car by driving at a moderate speed. Don't leave your car on the driveway while letting the engine run.

  • Accelerate smoothly to reach cruising speed as quickly as traffic allows. Your car uses more fuel accelerating than cruising.

  • Drive at moderate speeds. Do not to exceed the speed limit.

  • Try carpooling.

What do you know about seat belts and the law?

Did you know a driver could be charged $90 fine and two demerit points plus victim surcharge for not wearing a seat belt? Do you know every passenger in your car should wear a seat belt?  For more information regarding seat belts, click here.

Demerit Points

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