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Have you ever been involved in an automobile accident where there was a confusion about whom to put the blame on? In the following section, we have outlined the Ontario Fault Determination Rules, as well as many other helpful tip in the case of a car accident.

Being prepared in the event of an automobile accident makes a difficult situation a little easier. Here is what you should do in case of an Automobile Accident:

  1. Leave the car as soon as possible.
  2. Report to the police at 911 if there are any injuries or if the damage exceeds $1000 (in Ontario)
  3. Exchange information with all parties concerned (including witness' information).
  4. Report the claim to your broker at CIS.

How to Report a Claim:

You should have the following information ready:

bullettime and date of the accident 
bulletestimate of the damages
bulletlocation of the accident
bulletliability card (pink slip)
bulletthird party information
bulletpolice constable information
bulleta diagram showing how the accident happened

Print the Accident Report Form  and keep it in your car alongside your vehicle registration and insurance information. The Claims Form will provide you with step-by-step instructions of what to do and what information to gather at the scene of the accident.


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